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Grigory Arkhipov

Author of the book Le spectre du rire et la clinique du sujet. Varias théoriques et psychopathologiques, member of the editorial board of psychoanalytical journals Hiatus (association Thélèmythe) and Méta-φor(a) (association Champ Freudien – Ukraine) and member of associations L’Envers de Paris and Le Champ Freudien – Ukraine.

Broad clinical experience in psychiatry

Clinical psychologist at the Centre for Research on Mental Health (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), Department of Psychosomatic Diseases (working with patients with chronic, including autoimmune, diseases)

Long-term internships at French psychiatric hospitals (diagnosis, setting up workshops and social rehabilitation)

Activities in the psycho-social field

Psychotherapy for troubled teenagers at the Thélèmythe Association (working with social maladjustment, addictions, phobias, juvenile delinquency, and risk behaviours)

Working with refugees and asylum seekers at the Élan Retrouvé Foundation

Participation in SAMU social projects


Rates vary depending on patients’ income; discounts for students and job seekers. The average price for a session is 40 Euro

40, rue Lucien Sampaix

75010 Paris


Private practice in the Canal Saint-Martin area

40, rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 Paris

ADELI no.: 75 93 6359 1
Siret: 831 976 394 00013